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As I reflect back on my two blogs this week, I realized that I am leaving out all the positives. I have learned and gained just by doing this challenge. I now acknowledge all the lessons Lauren is learning through her journey. She is learning that we are all are different in our own special way. Some have more challenging things they have to deal with physically, but that’s not all that makes us different. What also makes us different isn’t just what we have to deal with, but how we deal with it.

As this week comes to an end, I am so proud of my little 8 year old. She takes this diagnosis and faces it with such strength. It is rare that she complains. One of her strengths that I am most proud of is that she doesn’t try to hide who she is and that she has PKU. I have watched her sit in front of her first grade class and teach them all about PKU. I was blown away by the strength and confidence of a then 6 year old. She also shows strength in how she controls things in her life. At birthday parties or play dates, Lauren rarely shows her sadness or frustration with others over thing she may not be able to eat. She is able to enjoy her friends and share her sadness with us later – and will even help think of solutions for the next time she is in that type of environment/situation. She has a way of looking at the good and does not sweat the small stuff. She is my most carefree and happy child!!!

I am so grateful for Jack Everitt, Lillian and Liberty for sharing their stories and inspiring so many, especially Lauren. I am so grateful Lauren challenged me to this and I am so proud of myself for taking the challenge and having a successful week!! I am now able to see things from the other side and have some bit of understanding as to how it feels. I will never again say, “it’s just a diet she has to manage. It could be worse.” As those of you reading this that have PKU, there is so much more to this than just a diet. I now will not hesitate to try Lauren’s food when she offers and I will even enjoy a low protein meal with her!! Thanks to all who followed along and took the time to read these blogs.

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Joe Lie
Joe Lie
Aug 25, 2022

I really get important knowledge about the PKU diet challenge. I am leaving out a lot of the good things when I look back on my two blogs from this week. Just by taking on this challenge, I have grown and learned. I now recognize every lesson Lauren is picking up on her trip. She is coming to understand how uniquely diverse each of us is. Others struggle with more difficult physical challenges, but that isn't the only way we are unique. Not just what we have to deal with, but also how we cope with it, is another thing that sets us apart. If you are a student and need an assignment then I suggest that. you should contac…

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