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Aside from the warm temperatures and bright sunshine, today was amazing in other ways. Lauren and I met another PKU mom and friend, Lynn. Lynn has been a daily cheerleader for me and has encouraged me along the way. She wanted to meet up with us and share care package with Lauren. We met at an ice cream shop in Hanover, MA (Lil Dukes in case anyone is from the area). They had some delicious vegan ice cream and now a new spot for us to visit. They were great there – Lynn reached out before hand for nutrition fact and they were very responsive. As we stood there trying to figure what the right size would be close to the serving size, they willingly offered to weigh the ice cream out for us. They will definitely get my business again! Lynn and I shared some thoughts on PKU and I was able to share a little about how my week went.

Although all my friends around me have been great asking lots of questions and supporting me, being able to share with Lynn was great. And I loved all the great recipes she shared! One of which we tried when we got home! Having these connections to other PKU families makes a difference. I think had I not been introduced to NECPAD and became a board member I’d be navigating this world of PKU very differently.

I can’t believe that tomorrow is my last day and I made it through the week. Lauren wants me to keep going.. Haha! I may not be able to drink the formula, but I will be happy to join her for a few or her meals that I really enjoyed this week –lo pro pasta with grilled veggies, cook for love pancakes, cheese and tomato Panini, salads to name just a few. The connection we made through our meals together, planning of meals and sharing our thoughts about her milk, has definitely strengthened a bond between us. It is something we will always share.

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Ellen Monaghan
Ellen Monaghan

That ice cream looks really good. 😋 Can't do the Aproten pasta anymore. The Inulin in it exacerbates my stomach issues (age related, not PKU related.). Congratulations, Karen, for making it through your PKU Challenge week. 🙂

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