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How To Uninstall Obse |LINK|

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Unpack the archive to Oblivion game folder. You should have game.cfg and discord-rpc.dll in main folder and discordrpc_obse.dll and.ini in Data/OBSE/Plugins. To uninstall, delete these files. Note: The.cfg file is a template, so any values in it are ignored unless you create them yourself.

6. Uninstall the game. Although you did not actually uninstall the setup, this will uninstall all files and mods installed by the setup.exe. You can also use the BAIN Install Configured function to overwrite only modified files.

2. Move the data folder to the new location. Note: This folder contains files that you will need to reinstall all packages in BAIN, but not the game itself. You can move the data folder to any location, but the data folder must remain in the same folder as the setups.exe. If you move it to another location, you will have to uninstall ALL installed packages and re-install them, which means waiting for all the packages to reinstall. Furthermore, you will have to make the data folder back to where it was before the move.

If you're using Bashed Patch, you need to delete OBSE.ini in Data/OBSE/Plugins. If you're using BuildCraft, make sure you delete the buildcraft.ini and the buildcraft_obse.ini.

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One of the drawbacks to this approach was that we needed to recompile every time we made even a small change to the code. This slowed everything else we were doing down and because we couldn't always have someone waiting for the application to finish building. 827ec27edc


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