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Davide Van De Sfroos - Best Of 1999-2011 (2011) ((BETTER))

The album covers a wide range of themes and styles, from the humorous and ironic to the poetic and melancholic. Some of the songs are inspired by local legends and folklore, such as Cau Boi, Il Figlio di Guglielmo Tell, El Mustru, and San Macaco & San Nissoen. Others are based on historical events and characters, such as Il Duello, La Ballata del Cimino, Yanez, and La Figlia del Tenente. Some songs reflect on social issues and personal experiences, such as Pulènta e Galèna Frègia, La Balera, Nona Lucia, and Dove non basta il mare. And some songs are simply expressions of love, friendship, and joy, such as Sugamara, Ventanas, New Orleans, and Lettera da Marte.

Davide Van De Sfroos - Best Of 1999-2011 (2011)

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The album showcases Davide Van De Sfroos musical versatility and creativity, as he mixes traditional instruments such as accordion, mandolin, violin, and bagpipes with electric guitars, keyboards, drums, and samples. He also experiments with different genres and influences, from Celtic to Latin, from blues to reggae, from country to rap. His voice is distinctive and expressive, capable of conveying different emotions and nuances. His lyrics are rich in imagery and wordplay, often using metaphors, puns, rhymes, and neologisms. He also incorporates elements of dialects from other regions of Italy and other languages such as Spanish, English, French, and German.

Best Of 1999-2011 is a great introduction to Davide Van De Sfroos music for those who are not familiar with him or his language. It is also a satisfying collection for his fans who want to revisit his best songs or discover some hidden gems. The album is a testament to his talent and originality as a songwriter and performer who has managed to create a unique musical identity that transcends geographical and linguistic boundaries.

Another remarkable song is El Carnevaal de Schignan, which describes the traditional carnival of Schignano, a small village in the Como province. The song captures the atmosphere and the characters of the carnival, such as the beautiful and proud masks, the drums and pipes, the dances and chants, and the satire and irony. The song also features a sample of an interview with a local mask maker, who explains the meaning and the history of the carnival.

The album also includes two new songs that were not previously released on any album. The first one is Foglie, a touching ballad about a father who writes a letter to his son who has left home and asks him to come back. The second one is Lettera da Marte, a futuristic song that imagines a dialogue between an astronaut who is on Mars and his lover who is on Earth. The song explores the themes of distance, loneliness, communication, and hope.

Best Of 1999-2011 is not only a compilation album, but also a celebration of Davide Van De Sfroos musical journey and identity. It is a tribute to his roots, his culture, his language, and his people. It is also a gift to his fans, who have supported him throughout the years and have shared his emotions and stories. It is an album that invites the listener to discover a different and original way of making music, that combines tradition and innovation, humor and poetry, local and global. c481cea774


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