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In Australia, Scamwatch received 16,000 reports of the Flubot virus over just eight weeks in 2021. This virus sends text messages to Android and iPhone users with links to malware. Clicking on the links can lead to a malicious app being downloaded on your phone, giving scammers access to your personal information.

Download the installation images from the Linux Mint Download page. DO NOT forget (or neglect) to verify the integrity of the download file! If you only need the checksum values, they are given in sha256sum.txt. If you need full instructions they are given on the How to verify ISO images page.

After downloading and verifying the installation image, copy it to a USB stick and then boot that stick. You will then be running a full Linux Mint Live system (not just an installer as with some other Linux distributions). You can use this Live system to check that Mint runs correctly on your system, and that all of the hardware works properly (pay particular attention to the display, wired and wireless networking). 59ce067264


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