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The earliest books in the Western world were probably copies made by monks seeking to record and remember the words of Jesus. For thousands of years, people have been reading, writing, and creating books. Texts from Ancient Mesopotamia have been found dating from 3000 BCE. In the 3rd Century BCE, the writings of the Greek mathematician, scientist, and statesman, Pythagoras, were preserved on clay tablets. Scrolls served as an early form of writing in the Eastern world. The earliest western writing is thought to have derived from Sumerian cuneiform lists of weights created in approximately 3300 BCE. Two thousand years later, the text of Aristotle was preserved on clay tablets. In the 11th Century, the first complete book was printed with movable type in Asia. In the 15th Century, Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press spread the use of books far and wide. Hans Weidner created the earliest comprehensive world atlas, the chronicle Magdeburg Centuries. William Caxton made the first English translation of a book, the Bible, in 1476. Girolamo Ricci published the first illustrated book, the Bible, the same year. The first bookshop in England was opened, Otford in 1604. In 1661, the first known book in Chinese was published; a copy of the Bible.

Long before the printing press, manuscripts of religious and classical texts were copied and passed down generations. In the 9th Century, a move away from marginalia allowed scribes to settle down and began to write in larger printing blocks. Germany's Gutenberg chose the established Latin script, but moved from mechanical means such as wooden blocks to ink and paper.

The first work publi ed in the Western world was Leon Battista Alberti's famous treatise, Della pittura, on painting; a copy of this was later published by Aldus Manutius in Venice in 1486. d2c66b5586


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