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Edit Ready Vs Clipwrap Serial Number ##BEST##

Edit Ready Vs Clipwrap Serial Number ===

Edit Ready Vs Clipwrap Serial Number ##BEST##

When you first launch ClipWrap, it will run in trial mode, which will only rewrap or transcode the first minute of each clip. To lift this restriction, you must purchase a serial number and enter it in the Registration dialog.

The second mode that ClipWrap can operate in is Transcode. In this mode, ClipWrap decompresses your video samples, and recompresses them into industry standard post production formats like Apple intermediate, Avid DNxHD or Apple ProRes. Transcode mode allows you to integrate content into existing post-production workflows, and to take advantage of all of the optimizations built into modern editing applications like iMovie, Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro. When transcoding, ClipWrap uses the encoders that are already installed on your computer. See the troubleshooting section for more details about codec availability.

EditReady must be purchased from the Divergent Media website. When first downloaded, it runs in Trial mode, allowing you to compress the first minute of a file. Purchasing the software provides a serial number which is used to unlock the software.

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