·        UCD In Common - this is an online, interactive resource consisting of a website and Facebook page where people          living with UCDs, and their family members can learn about UCDs, share their common experiences, and provide              ideas and resources to help others. 

·        NORD UCD - Patient Assistance Programs – NORD is currently offering patient assistance programs for the UCD              community – if you scroll down to Urea Cycle Disorders and click on the plus sign, you will see the different                      programs listed. Below are some examples:

           o        Medical Foods & Supplements Financial Assistance Program

           o       Emergency Relief Fund – this is especially important now, given the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey                     in Houston, TX

·        Global Genes – this is a wonderful organization which supports the entire rare disease community  - they have                many resources on their website, including webinars, toolkits, podcasts, etc.

        HCU Network of America: https://hcunetworkamerica.org/

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