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Best Sap Books For Beginners


Best Sap Books For Beginners

Here is a curated list of the best books to learn SAP for beginners. These books are highly recommended by SAP experts and are helpful for students to grasp the programming fundamentals. These resources will guide you to build your career in this promising field and make you a better SAP Consultant.

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is one of the most widely implemented modules of SAP. It covers business activities like Pre-sales, Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order Processing, Shipping, Delivery, and Billing. SAP SD is used across industries. This book is designed for beginners with little or no prior SAP SD experience.

(By: Martin Munzel, Sydnie McConnell ) When a newbie wants to get a feel or study the fundamentals of SAP software quickly, this is one of the best books that offer the essential parts of the topic. The authors of this book are using SAP since 25 years and know the software inside out. In this book, they offer this knowledge in a very comprehensive and comprehensible manner. The basics have been explained with simple and linked examples. Some of the topics tackled by this book include SAP ERP, the basics such as master data, organizational units and transactions. The authors also offer an overview of SAP product portfolio, in addition to the technical side of this product. Further, the readers also learn about the HANA, SuccessFactors, NetWeaver, SCM and CRM.

(By: Rehan Zaidi, Jon Reed ) For the people who are aspiring SAP professionals, this is one of the best books that offer an illustrated guide to reach the next level. With updated content such as the latest ERP 6.0 screens in all the modules, the book offers readers the lowdown, whether they want to start using the software, personalize it or create reports. Edited by a panel of SAP professional, this book is the best alternative to costly training. The book can be a step-by-step training for the newbie or a reference point for SAP professionals for a new project in professional sphere. This is one of the most comprehensive SAP user guides that enable professionals to master the software.

(By: S. Mirza ) With the increasing use of SAP in the organizations across the globe, the learning of SAP has not only become compulsory for IT professionals, but also for employees from the other departments such as purchase, logistics, production and accounts. However, as more and more people are leading a busy lifestyle, it is becoming difficult for them to learn a new skill. For example, a person who is working on pricing of a product, need to learn some aspects of SAP. However with the hectic schedule, he can only get an overview of SAP from colleagues or the internet; this is not enough for his specialization in the organization. This book is thus the best alternative for such professionals, as it offers information about how to set up relevant systems in SAP in a lucid style.

(By: Matthew Johnson ) This is a practical guide and one of the best SAP books to understand various SAP material master concepts. Further, this book offers an opportunity for readers to understand the unique environment of SAP and its impact on FICO. With the help of this book, the readers can maximize their value stream with MM SAP Materials Management. The book offers various topics such as basics of material master, its structure, the creation and access of SAP Material Master and technical information, among others. In addition, the author also offers information about different departments in SAP Material Master such as sales, marketing, purchase, accounting and quality management.

(By: Ali Babi ) This is one of the best books on SAP that offers information on one of the most interesting and vital parts of enterprise software, that is SAP tables. The author offers a complete overview of the most common SAP tables that are used in day-to-day operation of SAP. One of the advantages of this book is the essential information offered by the author without any f


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