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The basic K 100 and K 100 RS models were already equipped with a 4/4 model range in the mid-1970s and the model was also launched in the USA. It was equipped with a four-cylinder, single overhead camshaft and side-valve engine with common rail fuel injection, matched to a 5 speed gearbox as standard. At that point, the new K models were already fairly established and were still appreciated for their handling, with top riders referring to the K100 RS as the best of the four-cylinder single camshaft BMW models. The ultimate K Series was the R 100 RS, which combined in one bike the best features of the K 100 and K 100 RS models. The R 100 RS was launched in 1976 and was the first bike that was built for supreme touring.In the same year, BMW launched the K 100 S in the US market as a lightweight automatic model with a single camshaft and side-valve engine. The new K 100 S made it possible to realise an entirely new range of design. It provided a cross-section of a real BMW motorcycle. To this day, the K 100 S is popular among racing enthusiasts.The type K 100 R/S/T was already available as a motorcycle model with a retro-styled bodywork. Although the new BMW R 100 R/S/T was only launched in the autumn of 1983, the motorcycle was presented as an innovative, ground-breaking model. It offered a completely new concept in terms of design and technology. Whereas the K models had been designed for the touring segment and had given priority to comfort and touring riding, the R 100 S adopted the characteristics of a racer and put the emphasis on high-speed riding.42d8ba546e

* Manufacturer's suggested retail price for all 2022 model year vehicles, except BRZ, have increased by $500 starting with customer orders placed on April 26, 2022. MSRP does not include destination and delivery charges, tax, title, and registration fees. Destination and delivery includes handling and inland freight fees and may vary in some states. Prices, specifications, options, features, and models subject to change without notice. Select colors may be subject to an additional charge. d2c66b5586


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