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Faker Holic Ymo World Tour Live

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Faker Holic Ymo World Tour Live

Faker Holic: Ymo World Tour live is a double CD set of songs from the Fantastic Plastic Machine tour and Public Pressure tour done in 1979, though three from Public Pressure were actually from the tour. However, this live version still has the vibe of the 1979 recordings. Many of the songs from Public Pressure and Fantastic Plastic Machine were recorded during the latter part of the 1979 Fantastic Plastic Machine tour. Some of these songs were rehearsals and others were complete songs. I am hoping that Yukihiro Takahashi will perform the vocals for one of the songs, because the vocal performance on the earlier public release was superb. The addition of keyboards to Takahashi's vocals completely changes the performance of a song. The keyboard renditions in YMO's career are so out of the ordinary, that they almost belong on a different album. I could very well add vocals to the keyboards for this song since it is unfinished. I therefore anticipate that 'Kang Tong Boy' will be released at some point. I see 'Famicom Girl' as next as it has been written and recorded already. I do not see 'The Chase' re-recorded because I think the original version is simply breathtaking. The original version of 'Kang Tong Boy' is actually on an album called Mosaic Records #4 so maybe the vocals could be added then.

The Chambers of YMO are considered to be two of the best live albums ever made. Both albums feature NTT as their sole band member, and they were both recorded in 1979, same year as the first Yellow Magic Orchestra record. The original vinyl releases of the two albums differed greatly in their artwork: one featured a yellow and blue cover, while the other had an orange and blue cover. This is something I could definitely see going to vinyl on. The first Yellow Magic Orchestra record was a double LP, however, this new Yellow Magic Orchestra record is more perfect for a single disc release. d2c66b5586


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