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Waves Kramer Master Tape _HOT_ Crack


Waves Kramer Master Tape _HOT_ Crack

For vocals on the first track the room mic is a Redcloud mic, and I have a dirty Little Labs old-fashionedtube mic that's not pre-ampered, but I place it on the desk and that brings out the roommics and brings out the huge sound of the room. Then the place where the vocals are in the tape, I use a U48 to go into an API mic pre, and then a Neve 1073 heading into a Neve 1176 into a '69 SSL limiter.For vocals I make sure they have a good signal going into the SSL limiter, so I'll use the SSL limiter to get the best out of the vocals. I have two different SSL compressors, one to play it all through and one for the limiter. I use a fast turning 1x1.5 inch preset and slow turning a 1x8 inch preset and the maximum ratio. When the vocals come through I use Auto-Pan to make sure the vocals are in the center. I let the compressor work from 1/2 or 1/4 to full compression, depending on how loud the music is. From there I tend to use compression to a fast 1/4 turn and a slower 2/4 turn, which is good for just having something open. Once I have the vocals sounding pretty sweet, I use a classic clipping clip in the master fader to dial it all in, and then I mix it by using the master fader so I have maximum wah-wah, but just enough so they're not quite clipping. Then I add some EQ to make sure the highs are a little brighter and a little more up front. Then I use the EQ and compressor on each track.

Overall the sound is a huge slapback, and that's what I like most about this tape. There is this massive make-up-on-the-face slapback, and this is what makes this tape so different from the others. 3d9ccd7d82


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