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NECPAD “Prepared for Life” Conference

What a great conference! Other than some (actually only 1) technical difficulty, the conference went nice and smoothly! We got a great turn out in numbers and all of the presenters provided some really good information. We started a little bit late thus keeping everything a little bit behind schedule, but the rest of the day and weekend made up for it.

After Denise’s welcome to everyone, Dr. Mark Korson was introduced as our MC…Dr. Levy (our New England PKU community’s “Patriarch”) updated us on some new therapies that are being explored which included the Kuvan medication and the “Large Amino Acid” therapy! After a late break and visit to the vendors, Dr. Korson came up and spoke about the experiences of Kuvan at the Floating Hospital…unfortunately, a couple of us missed much of his talk due to the technical problems arising :/ Sorry Dr. Korson!! Due to those issues, the schedule was rearranged a bit. (Thanks Mark, for keeping us on track!!) Donna gave a little speech and honored Lynn for her dedication to NECPAD and PKU community with an award. Lynn seemed to be pleasantly surprised… Lynn, you rock! Dr. Berry and Dr. Weiner spoke about disaster preparedness and electronic filing, an intriguing idea. Finally, before lunch, Rachel and Maggie Davis spoke about weight loss, maintaining phe levels and nutritional therapy’s role in this process. Maggie is a great addition to our PKU clinician community! After a great lunch with low protein and higher protein options available, Dr. Susan Waisbren gave a great talk about the PKU Toolkit now available and the importance of facilitating adult transition. Thanks so much for your everlasting dedication to this field, Susan! We love you! The rest of the day was a little less structured but not any less informative. The feedback received from the breakout sessions and the cooking demonstrations were all very positive. I think the only complaint would have been that it would have been great if we could attend all of the breakout sessions at the same time! Obviously that can’t happen…lol

Meanwhile, David provided us with a great slide show of past events, it was great! Dinner at Dux and the rest of the evening proved to be fun time had by all, to say the least!. (No need to go into details!) Read More >

Annual Apple Fest

Honey Pot Hill Apple Orchards, Stow Massachusetts
The Apple Fest provides an opportunity for families influenced by a metabolic disorder to come together. From near and far away, families are drawn together to benefit from each other’s support of ideas and stories in a beautiful, 200-acre New England location. The sweet tastes of Honey-Pot Hill and the scenic apple orchards with friendly farm animals and fun-filled hedge maze makes for a day of abundant joy. Caramel apples, cider guzzlers and the celebrated low protein apple cider doughnuts prepared by Honey Pot’s skilled bakers and Cambrooke Foods are all memorable treats for everyone. The scenic hayride traveling through the woods, along the river and through the beautiful orchards provides a beautiful ending to a perfect day.

2011 PKU/Allied Disorders Building Connections Conference

A Great Success!
June 4, 2011
The Providence, RI Hilton
Thanks to our sponsors that attended the event. Thank you to Leslie Price, our event planner, and all the hard work by our Board of Directors. Please contact us with any thoughts or comments you had on the conference, or ideas for future conferences.