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Parent to Parent (P 2 P)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Parent to Parent?
Parent-to-parent programs provide emotional and informational support to parents of children who have special needs. To provide this support, trained and experienced veteran parents are carefully matched in one-on-one relationships with parents who are newly referred to the program. Because the veteran parent has shared a similar experience in the family, the veteran parent is often able to provide a unique form of support that only another parent who has "been there" can.

How Can I Help?
We’ve all been there—had the same questions and concerns, felt the same inadequacies—and we’ve all made it. NECPAD P2P was created to provide you with support and information, so you have someone to laugh with, and to cry with who has faced the same things you have—so that you never feel alone in dealing with this condition.

How does NECPAD provide P 2 P Support?
NECPAD facilitate parent matches and provides follow-up support to each match. Because the quality of the matched experience depends on a number of different factors, NECPAD makes parent matches with great care.

Can Someone Else Recommend Me for the Program?
Referrals and matches are never made without the expressedpermission of the parent seeking the support, and anonymous referrals are never accepted, even from medical professionals or clinic staff.

How Do I Get Matched with Another Parent?
The P2P coordinators are parents and members of NECPAD. Parents find it comforting to talk to another parent right away. They will get information from you about your child’s metabolic diagnosis; your own situation and needs; the qualities they hope for in a support parent; and your location and the age of your child.

Who Do I Contact to Receive P 2 P Support?
The NECPAD P2P coordinators are Donna McGrath and Denise Queally. They can be reached via e-mail at, or via phone at (978) 658-6975 (Donna), or (617) 322-1411 (Denise).