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Did You Know?

A few important details that you may not be aware of:

Health insurance companies are required to provide coverage for formula and low protein foods, but coverage amounts vary from state to state

There are a variety of options and combinations for formula, so keep trying until you find one that suits your, or your child’s, needs and tastes.

PKU doesn’t have to change your social and personal life, you just need to plan in advance for meals and snacks

Most restaurants will accommodate special dietary needs, but many will not prepare food that you have brought into the restaurant, due to company policies. It is helpful to call ahead to see if they can prepare a low-protein meal

Disney World now has PKU on their list of “special diets”, and many of the Disney restaurants now carry Low Protein Pasta and/or MixQuick to accommodate those with PKU

Many people with PKU believe that the condition has helped them to lead a healthier lifestyle

Having a positive attitude about the condition will help both you and your child to better manage the diet and lifestyle.

All resources in this package can be translated into your language. NECPAD is here to answer all of your questions and to provide you with support.

Always remember, “I’ve Got Great Genes!”