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Board of Directors

Our board of directors is made up of 4 officers and several members from each of the New England states. We meet every other month, typically by conference call.  We also have a yearly live meeting at the beginning of each year.  If you are interested in being a member of the board, please contact us.

Current Officers of NECPAD:

President: Donna McGrath
Vice President: Lynn Paolella
Treasurer: Denise Queally
Secretary: Rachel Kaup

Meeting Minutes:
Title Owner Category Modified Date Size (kb) File
Board Meeting Minutes 10/12/2011 NECPAD Board Minutes 11/29/11 24 view
Board Meeting Minutes 09/09/2010 NECPAD Board Minutes 09/19/10 16 view
Board Meeting Minutes 06/03/2010 NECPAD Board Minutes 06/03/10 86.40 view
Board Meeting Minutes 05/06/2010 NECPAD Board Minutes 05/06/10 23.55 view
Board Meeting Minutes 04/08/2010 NECPAD Board Minutes 04/08/10 22.00 view
Board Meeting Minutes 03/08/2010 NECPAD Board Minutes 03/07/10 35.33 view
Board Meeting Minutes 01/13/2010 NECPAD Board Minutes 01/27/10 30.72 view
Board Meeting Minutes  11/05/2009 NECPAD Board Minutes 01/14/10 32.77 view